A-Players Recruiting: F.A.Q.

A-Players Recruiting: F.A.Q.

Today our team is answering the questions we often receive. Find out more information about working with A-Players Recruiting below.

How much do our services cost, and why are they so expensive?

Mostly, we charge a 25% fee on an annual salary of a hired candidate.

We make highly influential hires (VP and C-level managers) that push a client company’s growth.

What guarantees do we provide?

We make a free replacement for three months after sighing an offer in such cases as:

• client is not satisfied with a hired candidate;

• this candidate doesn’t pass a probation period;

• a new hire quits due to their reasons / doesn’t show up on their first day at work.

Recently for the first time, we had a case like that. A new hire didn’t appear on the first day at work. We provided a replacement within a few days. And our client didn’t lose anything. Other than that, our candidates always pass a probation period and continue working at the present moment.

What makes us different from other recruiting companies?

• Specific experience with different markets

• Expertise with high-level candidates 

• Guarantees (a free replacement for the first three months)

• Consulting on a whole hiring process

• Mentoring of client’s internal team members if needed

• A wide network: from Venture Funds to Startups and Top Talent in the market. We’re open to introducing a client to our community. It could be helpful for a client business’s growth.

• We hire people for key positions in a client’s company. It influences a business’s growth and helps develop stage-wise. Some of our clients we worked with that become unicorns: Unstoppable Domains, Reface, Veriff.

For whom did you hire/what are the examples of successful hires?

We worked with Grammarly, Reddit, Mindvalley, Unstoppable Domains, Reface, Veriff, Shelf, Esper Bionics, Talkable, Propertymate, SyncWords, Spice AI, V-Art, Taptap Send, Chatdesk, Remofirst, Zibra AIRestream, and Neocortext.

In particular, we influenced the growth of Reface, Unstoppable Domains, Propertymate, and Mindvalley. For Propertymate, we not only made a successful hire for the Talent Partner position but also took the complex task of developing recruiting department. It included consulting and mentoring on recruiting strategy, recruiting, and sourcing. And Mindvalley is listed as an emerging giant and potential unicorn by KPMG and HSBC.

What do we mean by the concept of impact/how do we evaluate the company's impact?

We check a company for three criteria:

• People-first culture (by default)

• Product

• No connections with Russia (by default)

As for the second criterion, we pay attention if it positively impacts the world through a product itself or, if not, through corporate social responsibility.

How quickly can we find a person?

On average — 1-1,5 months. Depends on a position’s level. Lately, the time we spend on closing vacancies has decreased, but the level of roles — has increased. We found a Chief Communications Officer for V-Art for 5 weeks and a VP of Engineering for SyncWords for 2,5 months from the first contact with the client.

We have an algorithm that proved its effectiveness. For the first two weeks, we calibrate a profile, actively source, and reach out to candidates. We work with expectations, a job description and analyze the market. After that, we share feedback with a client. We can say that a wanted candidate doesn’t exist or, oppositely, we found even better profiles than expected. And in two weeks we show a client highly filtered candidates.

Thus, the preparation period is longer, but perfect hiring happens faster.

In which markets do we have the best expertise?

We have experience in Ukrainian, American, and European (England, France, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and more) markets. While working on some of the positions, we also reached Brazil. Though during our partnership with Veriff, we worked with many European countries that we didn’t work with before, we gained expertise rapidly and didn’t have issues working with new markets.

What roles do we have the best expertise with?

• Business roles (Senior, Head, VP-level): VP of People, Head of Talent, Talent Partner, HR BP, Recruiting Regional Manager, Head of Talent, Chief Communications Officer, Head of Marketing, Head of Communications, Product Manager, BDM, Sales Manager, Customer Success / Support Manager, People Operations Manager, SEO manager, etc.

• Technical roles (Senior, Head, VP-level): VP of Engineering, Head of Engineering, Head of CS, Head of Data Science, Senior Developer, Senior Engineering Manager, etc.

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