#APlayersTeam: Interview with Zoriana Kachmar, Account Executive at A-Players Recruiting

#APlayersTeam: Interview with Zoriana Kachmar, Account Executive at A-Players Recruiting

We’re resuming short talks with our team members. Today, we asked Zoriana Kachmar to share her thoughts on working at A-Players Recruiting, work-life balance in these stressful times, and impact.

Why did you decide to join the A-Players Recruiting team?

I liked the company’s transparent culture. Everybody knows every process, can ask any question, and express their opinion. What attracts me — working in a healthy environment.

Also, there are a lot of recruiting companies that have differences but still are similar to each other at their core. A-Players Recruiting stands out ‘cause we work with impactful clients and don’t chase closing a huge number of vacancies immediately. Finding the best fit for a highly influential position is our priority.

What helps you to maintain a warm connection with the team despite a remote format?

Informal online meetings. They help us to know each other better, have fun, and share our emotions. And also offline gatherings. Unfortunately, they’re temporarily unavailable. But hope it’ll change soon.

What helps you to recover and be productive, considering the stressful situation in the world?

In the first few months of the war, I felt mixed up. I stopped doing yoga and, in general, was very careful. I even rarely saw my friends. But when it evolved into this «stable unstable» faze, I understood that the war would end somehow. And felt that it was time to put myself together.

I returned to yoga classes, decided to try ballroom dancing, and started swimming. Our meetings with friends renewed. Now we have a tradition at least a few times a month to play board games. And as an alternative — go out of town or to another part of the city to nature.

The latest piece of information that you found interesting?

It was an illustration by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy. It reflects how our idea of success has changed (the picture is attached below). Before, it was 50% salary and 50% title. But currently, 4 other factors have been added. In my opinion, the definition of success escalated during a pandemic. Everything that applies to you as a person determines your success. I see that focus in our team too.

Top-3 things that you love about your job?

1. Interaction with the team and professional growth through this.

2. «Plug and play» approach to work.

3. Ability to communicate and work with impactful companies. When we find an A-Player for their team, we know that this person will positively impact and push a company to a new level. It makes me feel that we’re part of a client company’s success. This brings motivation to do my job.

What impact do you make with your work?

We match impactful companies with top talent in the market. And now, we’re working on helping startups connect with VCs that support mission-driven projects.

If you’re a VC looking for fascinating projects or a startup working on fundraising, let’s get acquainted and speed up this process!

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