#APlayersTeam: Interview with Alina Samuilova, Operations Manager at A-Players Recruiting

#APlayersTeam: Interview with Alina Samuilova, Operations Manager at A-Players Recruiting

We continue short talks with our team members. Today, we asked Alina Samuilova, who is responsible for operations and team happiness, to share her thoughts on working at A-Players Recruiting, work-life balance in these stressful times, and her approach to keeping the team members satisfied with their job.

Why did you decide to join the A-Players Recruiting team?

I like the company's culture and the goals we pursue. I like that we help mission-driven businesses to succeed. I like that my voice is important even if I'm not in a leadership position. The whole team makes both small and big decisions. Thus, I can see my contribution to the company's development.

Also, I admire our business results even in times of crisis. We didn't stop. We continue doing what we believe in and receive financial results. I'm excited to work with small startups and famous companies I knew long before working in the team.

What should a person be like to perfectly fit the A-Players Recruiting team?

They should believe in ideas that the company shares. It's crucial to be open, want to communicate, and contribute not only to working with a client but also to the team. The person who wants to be a team player and build informal and warm working relationships. The person who solves questionable situations (is not the one who creates them). It's not about being quiet if you're not satisfied, oppositely, they communicate concerns and solve them together (which sustains a healthy environment inside the team).

How did you change as a person while being on the team?

I became more open and relaxed. It's not a global change, but I feel I can be myself in this company. And don't be afraid that I'll be judged or I’ll make a mistake. Because the team is trying to help you get through challenging times.

What helps you to recover and be productive, considering the stressful situation in the world?

A balance between spending time with myself and other people. When I want to share something or receive support, I communicate with my family and friends. And when I want to organize a date with myself, I create a cozy atmosphere with candles, healthy food, tasty lemonade, my favorite series, and enjoy it.

5 things that help you make the team happy and well-knit?

1. My psychological background, ability to listen and notice things that people tell.

2. Maintaining personal relationships. Informal communication, our 1-on-1s. We talk not only about work but also about personal: what are we interested in, what do we like/dislike, what personality do we have? The more you discover the answers, the more you understand what a person needs.

I can notice some patterns people don't see in themselves and emphasize their attention. For example, if someone doesn't notice that they are tired, you can suggest taking a vacation. Thus, you listen, see some needs that are not closed, and help the team be more fulfilled.

3. Fun meeting once a month. We spend this time playing some games or just interacting in some entertaining form. This is informal communication when you can just relax and have fun. Also, our weekly informal meeting where we can talk and share our news. It's like going out for coffee, but remotely.

4. Celebration of personal and team achievements, significant internal dates. We all work from different cities and countries and don't have an opportunity to meet each other offline often. But we have a tradition of organizing some tasty food and drinks, spending this time together remotely, and feeling the celebration spirit.

5. We have a strong focus on ownership. Every team member manages themself, thinks strategically, creates plans, generates ideas, and communicates all this at working meetings once a week. Firstly, this way you can feel your weight in a company's development. Secondly, we all work toward the same goal, each with their own approach, like an owner. It develops a sense of equality in the company. Also, it covers the need for recognition and influence that affects job satisfaction and personal happiness.

The latest piece of information that you found interesting?

My home country has started to reclaim its territory very actively and successfully. It inspires. I have never felt that we will lose, but there is the fear that something bad can happen. It's normal.

I feel proud of our troops and country, and my faith in victory grows even more. And also I feel that Ukraine will soon be integral and only ours. Glory to Ukraine!

If you want to donate and support Ukraine, please, follow the link: https://savelife.in.ua/en/

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